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    Guelph floor coatings
    Epoxy floor coatings, cementitious urethane, decorative microcement, waterproof membranes, & more
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    Guelph concrete polishing
    Commercial / industrial concrete polishing that is impact, corrosion, & thermal shock expansion resistant
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    Guelph line painting
    Line painting in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton, Brantford, & surrounding cities

KSL Flooring Solutions

KSL Flooring Solutions is an Ontario based company that has steadily developed a reputation for offering top-quality flooring solutions to companies operating in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our Guelph floor coatings contractors provide exquisite flooring solutions for both interior and exterior floors throughout Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton, Brantford, and cities nearby. We custom tailor all of our floor coating products and services to meet the specifics of our clients demands. In order to supply the best results to virtually any style or size of flooring system, our company is supported by a talented team of electricians, millwrights, and engineers who are fully bonded professionals. Our Guelph floor coatings experts offer the following comprehensive services:

Our Guelph floor coatings contractors can help you determine the most suitable flooring application for your industrial or commercial facility! All of our floor coatings, concrete polishing, and line painting materials and equipment are sourced from leading manufacturers so that we can meet the diverse needs of our customers and their specialized markets such as pharmaceutical, education, aviation/aerospace, healthcare, and more. No matter the scale of your upcoming project, our experienced Guelph floor coatings contractors are fully equipped to assist you! We can provide you with a free, no obligation quote on-site, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome you to read some of our client testimonials, and browse our photo gallery to see some of the beautiful line painting, concrete polishing, and floor coatings work that our Guelph floor coatings pros have been involved in.

Our Company

Our Guelph floor coatings contractors have completed projects for leading companies who operate in a variety of Southern Ontario markets. We are committed to assisting all clients in achieving the look and functionality they require for their commercial business or industrial facility. Our company takes pride in the professionalism and experience that our Guelph floor coatings experts bring to each line painting, concrete polishing, and floor coatings project we take on! KSL Flooring Solutions has a reputation for delivering the product quality and customer service that you deserve, so contact us to learn more. Our Guelph floor coatings specialists have helped many others in your community, and they can help you too! Ask for a free, on site consultation and quote today.

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